Super Strong Coating

HydrophobNeo-S penetrating water repellent composition is used to protect surfaces of building constructions made of:

  • Concrete
  • Aerated Concrete
  • Concrete Brick
  • Natural Stone
  • Clay Brick
  • Building Stone
  • Paving Tile







28.2 Ounce (0,80 kilogram) Containers


1 packaging of concentrate or 1,321 Gallon (5 liters) of diluted product/ Coverage area: 150 to 550 Sq. Ft. (14 to 51 sq. meters), depends on surface porousness. Consumption is approximate and may vary depending on surface porosity, surface texture, concrete condition, climatic conditions, etc. Always apply to a test area first to determine actual consumption before general application.



HydrophobNeo-S-concentrate is a concentrated water repellent agent designed for dilution with isopropanol on the job site. Recommended to professional users. This concentrated water repellent agent mixes easily with isopropanol to produce a penetrating HydrophobNeo-S composition ideal for application to dense or porous surfaces of silicate building materials.

HydrophobNeo-S water repellent composition is designed to impart water repellent and frost resisting properties to building materials and protect from moisture saturation of building constructions made of concrete, foamed and gas concrete, concrete and clay brick, natural and manufactured stone, plastered surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Surfaces treated with HydrophobNeo-S have water-repellent and frost resisting properties. They become resistant to atmospheric precipitation and groundwater. The HydrophobNeo-S composition can be applied to wet surfaces.

HydrophobNeo-S water repellent agent does not form a film – it penetrates the surface to form a water repellent layer within the material to reduce moisture penetration. The product keeps the gas permeability of treated surfaces: material breathes. The HydrophobNeo-S composition improves thermal insulating properties of building materials. The HydrophobNeo-S composition has no colour; does not change the pattern and colour of treated surfaces. It is safe for environment. The HydrophobNeo-S composition is frost resisting: it can be applied at temperature down to minus 10°C (+14°F).  HydrophobNeo-S water repellent agent may be applied both to dry and to damp surfaces of building constructions. When properly applied to wet surfaces the HydrophobNeo-S efficiency almost does not change.

When used outdoors treated surfaces keep water repellent effect for about 10 years. Durability of the coating is approximate and may vary depending on surface porosity, surface texture, concrete condition, climatic conditions, etc.


Directions for Use

The HydrophobNeo-S-concentrate water repellent agent is supplied in concentrated form and must be mixed with isopropanol prior to application. Mixing containers must be clean, dry and free of any contaminates. Recommended mixing concentrations are as follows: 1 gallon of isopropanol to 0,211 gallon of concentrate (one packaging). Mix lightly to produce a uniform consistency.

NOTE: Be careful! Isopropanol is a highly flammable liquid.

Once mixed with isopropanol the HydrophobNeo-S-concentrate product is ready for use within 2 months.


Air temperatures should be a minimum of 14°F and a maximum of 95° F during the application. Do not apply to frozen or frost covered surfaces. Do not apply to surfaces when it is raining or snowing. Make all necessary repairs, including defects, which allow water to enter the construction such as: structural cracks, chips, scratches, mortar joints, etc.

Application must be to clean, dry to slightly damp surfaces. Remove dust, dirt, oils, efflorescence, wax, coatings or other foreign matter that might block or interfere with product penetration. HydrophobNeo-S water repellent agent may be applied both to dry and to damp surfaces of building constructions. When properly applied to wet surfaces the HydrophobNeo-S efficiency almost does not change. Yet best performance is achieved on a clean, thoroughly dried and absorbent surface.

Always perform a test application to a small area of surface for proper penetration on each type of surface before starting full-scale application to determine suitability and final appearance. When applied to surfaces of nonporous bricks and stones test application is especially required.

The HydrophobNeo-S composition can be sprayed, brushed or rolled. Amply saturate the surface with HydrophobNeo-S. Use enough to completely wet the surface. Avoid puddling or ponding. Do not let the product dry on the surface. Roll or brush out puddles. Remove excess of the composition with a dry cloth or a sponge. Surfaces with defects (chips, cracks, scratches, etc.) should be treated thoroughly. Small articles can be treated with the product by submerging in the HydrophobNeo water repellent composition for several minutes (penetration depth depends on exposure time).

Drying time: two to six hours, depending on temperature and humidity. Optimum water repellency is developed within 24 hours. Protect surfaces from rainfall for 24 hours following treatment.

On highly permeable surfaces, additional coats may be necessary. Apply a first application, allow the composition to penetrate within the surface of building material, and then apply a second application. Avoid puddling or ponding.

A third application may be applied to the surface a few days later, if it is necessary. “Wet look” effect may occur as a result of this additional application.

When applied to polished granite and marble surfaces, only a single application is necessary. Apply the single application, wait for 15 – 20 minutes, and then remove excess of the composition with a dry cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly. When applied to polished surfaces with engraved images, slight darkening of unpainted images may occur. Optimum water repellency is developed within 24 hours.

NOTE: The HydrophobNeo composition should not be used for the treatment of articles made of any polymeric materials (plastics) or of any metals as it is ineffective. Treated surfaces may be painted with an oil-based (not a water-based!) paint. Testing is always necessary to ensure adhesion and compatibility. Prevent from being spilled or over sprayed onto glass surfaces. If being spilled onto glass surfaces remove the composition with a dry or wet cloth.

For additional information for this product, refer to the Safety Data Sheet



  • Effective protection of fronts from aggressive weather impact;
  • Waterproofing of walls and concrete floors in basement, damp and other rooms;
  • Reliable protection of the objects of country house building from the impact of atmospheric precipitation;
  • Covering slate and tiled roofing, concrete parking lots, driveways, walkways, parapets and footpaths;
  • Use in restoration work;
  • Effective hydrophobization of surfaces of articles and constructions made of natural stones;
  • Preservation of the objects of construction in progress for autumn and winter period.