Today we are happy to introduce our new product – The HydrophobNeo-S-concentrate.

Not only is the concentrate highly effective for protection of surfaces from moisture penetration, but it’s also “label free”. That is to say the HydrophobNeo-S-concentrate is safe for environment and human beings.



HydrophobNeo-S-concentrate is a concentrated water repellent agent designed for dilution with isopropanol on the job site.

Recommended to professional users.

This concentrated water repellent agent mixes easily with isopropanol to produce a penetrating HydrophobNeo-S composition ideal for application to dense or porous surfaces of silicate building materials.

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1 packaging of concentrate or 1,321 Gallon (5 liters) of diluted product/ Coverage area: 150 to 550 Sq. Ft. (14 to 51 sq. meters), depends on surface porousness.

Consumption is approximate and may vary depending on surface porosity, surface texture, concrete condition, climatic conditions, etc.

Always apply to a test area first to determine actual consumption before general application.


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