HydrophobNeo Water Repellent Agents


For Construction Work

HydrophobNeo water repellents protect efficiently building constructions made of concrete, aerated concrete, brick, natural and building stone, gypsum, plastered surfaces from aggressive weather and moisture penetration.



For Repair Jobs

HydrophobNeo protective coatings can be used indoors in bathrooms, kitchens, and all other areas where water is openly used. They are ready-to-use compositions, are environmentally friendly. They keep the gas permeability of treated surfaces: material breathes!



For Auto Glass Protection

HydrophobNeo water repellents improve visibility on the road in rain, mud and snow. The efficiency of wiper blades increases,  it becomes easier to clean auto glass. And the main thing – HydrophobNeo is simple to use!



For Paving Works

HydrophobNeo coatings protect the material’s surface from climatic influences and prevent percolation.They can be applied on floor tiles and paving slabs.
They prevent the formation of surface icing on parapets and footpaths.



For Industry Purposes

HydrophobNeo water repellent agents can be used both by construction companies and building materials manufacturers. We have industrial product series as well.



For Wood Treatment

HydrophobNeo composition is aimed to improve water-repellent properties of the articles made from wood, plywood, wood-chip boards, etc.  After drying the composition does not change the wood natural color, structure and odor, does not prevent gas- exchange at the article surface. 


HydrophobNeo Water Repellent Agents

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