Today we present NeoPlusBook – a collection of instructional videos of how to apply HydrophobNeo products. A part of this collection is a group of videos and articles demonstrating the features and benefits of the HydrophobNeo and explaining the mechanism of how do they operate.
All videos in one place!

We will try to do our best to add new interesting videos constantly, so that you can use the HydrophobNeo products properly to protect surfaces of various building materials from moisture penetration.

Expert protection from water penetration

Would you like to learn how HydrophobNeo water repellent agents protect concrete, stone & wood surfaces from moisture penetration? If so, watch this video!

HydrophobNeo for paving stones and tiles

In this short video we demonstrate how to apply HydrophobNeo products to surfaces of walkways and driveways made of pavers, paving stones and tiles.

HydrophobNeo for aerated concrete

You can use HydrophobNeo to protect walls, floors, roofs made of aerated concrete. Watch our short video showing when to use HydrophobNeo products and how to apply them to AAC surfaces.

HydrophobNeo for concrete surfaces

You can use HydrophobNeo to apply to concrete surfaces in basement and damp rooms, to hydrophobize the foundations as well. Watch this short video showing how to protect concrete surfaces and why it it necessary.