How To Use HydrophobNeo-G


The HydrophobNeo-G composition does not need preliminary preparation:  ready to use.

Three ways of applying HydrophobNeo-G:

I. The additive to a windshield washer liquid. 

Shake the bottle and mix with the washer fluid. Consumption: 0.64 – 1.28 Fl. Oz./1 Gal. of washer fluid (or 5 – 10 ml/ 1 liter of washer fluid; or 1-2 lids of the bottle per 1 liter of washer fluid). The “rolling off water drops” effect appears in 2-3 minutes after spraying of the washer liquid. Every next run of spraying washer liquid results in increasing the water repellency of the surface. Mixed with the composition washer fluid is recommended to use in 3 months. It is not recommended to add the composition every time when the windshield washer reservoir is filling up! It is recommended to alternate filling the reservoir with the washer fluid mixed with the additive and with the washer fluid without additive. This helps to preserve necessary proportion of the composition within the reservoir. When used regularly the concentration may be reduced to 10ml of the agent per 4 L of washer fluid.

If you are driving 125 miles (about 200 km) per day or more, this way of application is for you. If not, then you can use ordinary “classic” way of application.


HydrophobNeo-G rain repellent
The best performance is demonstrated when travelling over 50 mph

II. The windshield treatment (“classic” way of application).  

How to use HydrophobNeo-G? Application must be to clean and dry surfaces. Air temperatures should be a minimum of 41 °F and a maximum of 95° F during the application and direct sunlight should be excluded. Spray the composition on the glass surface or apply to a small, folded, soft dry cloth (for example, a soft paper cloth). Then wipe onto exterior glass using a small circular and overlapping motion. Make sure that the composition has been applied evenly all over the surface. Allow product to dry for at least 20 minutes. Wipe the surface once again with a paper cloth using a large circular motion (without pressing). Repeat this process till excess of the composition disappears. Then wipe the surface with a microfiber clean cloth thoroughly. Do not use microfiber cloths during the application of the composition! Microfiber cloths can be used only for removing of excess of the composition and final wiping of the glass surface.

III. Restoration of the appearance of ABC plastic articles.  

How to use HydrophobNeo-G? Clean and dry surfaces before treating. Apply the composition to a small, folded, dry cloth. Then apply to plastic and wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Remove excess of the composition with a dry cloth. Do not use microfiber cloths!


Sometimes when added to washer liquid reservoir, sediments may occur in the areas inaccessible to wiper blades. These hydrophobic sediments are difficult to wash off using a touchless car wash. They can be removed away by washing with car cleaners, containing isopropyl alcohol, or by multiple washing. This situation may occur if consumption of the composition is not complied. Do not use the amount of the composition above necessary. Do not use as the additive to washer fluid if you are driving less than 125 miles (about 200 km) per day. Use the certificated windshield washer fluids. Do not add the composition to water, if you use it instead of washer liquid. It is recommended to apply the composition to windshield in the “classic” way first before using as an additive to washer fluid.


When stored in original, unopened containers, the warranty storage time is 2 years of date of manufacture (see the package). During the composition storage influence of increased temperatures /over +35°C (+95°F)/ and direct sunlight should be excluded. The composition does not freeze at temperatures down to minus 50°C (-58°F).


Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use.

Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Contains isopropanol. Keep away from open flames. No smoking during use.

Composition application should be held in protective glasses and gloves.

After drying the coating is harmless for men and animals.

For additional information for this product, refer to the Safety Data Sheet.


Download Product Data Sheet


Download Safety Data Sheet