Wood coatings: paints or water repellents?

It is well known that wood is a strong, aesthetically pleasing, and very durable material when properly maintained and used. At the same time, under certain conditions of use, particularly when it becomes wet, wood may rapidly decompose because of organic decay or natural weathering agents. And the main acting agent is water.

Usually, wood is protected against water damage by impregnation with drying oil or coating by lacquers or paints, but by using these methods of treatment you lose the essential advantage of wood – its ability to “breath”. The alternative way is wood treatment using water repellents that preserve vapor permeability and allow the wood to “breathe”.

What are the pros and cons of these coatings?



Pluses: wonderful decorative effect.

Minuses: non-durable, needs regular restoring, as once a crack or scratch has occurred, nothing can stop the penetration of water, which accelerates the destruction of a coating film.


Water repellents

Pluses: forms an invisible coating, demonstrates high water repellency, easy-to-use.

Minuses: treated surfaces may be further painted (if it’s necessary) only with an oil-based or alkyd based (not a water-based!) paint.

What to use?

It’s your choice!

But if you are a fan of natural and pristine wood surfaces, if it’s a wonderful thing for you to smell the natural wood scent, water repellents are your best choice!

And we recommend HydrophobNeo-W, specially designed for the best protection of wood surfaces from moisture penetration and water saturation.

How to use


HydrophobNeo protects concrete and stone surfaces

HydrophobNeo water repellent agent forms an invisible hydrophobic coating on concrete and stone surfaces. As a result the material is properly protected from water intrusion and such “bad” things as scaling or freeze/thaw damage caused by moisture penetration.

Watch this short video and see HydrophobNeo at work. Actually our invisible hydrophobic coating repels water drops! Just have a look!

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HydrophobNeo water repellent compositions


Water Repellent Agent For Wood

Why are HydrophobNeo water repellent compositions so effective? 

What’s the difference between water repellents and other protective coatings?

HydrophobNeo-W water repellent agent is one of our unique products, specially designed for better protection of wood surfaces from moisture penetration and water saturation.

Let’s look at the key benefits of HydrophobNeo-W unique composition: 

  • forms a water repellent layer within the material;
  • preserves vapour permeability, allows wood constructions to breathe;
  • prevents wood deformation and cracking;
  • does not change wood natural color and structure;
  • is safe for human health and environment.

This short video demonstrates how treated with HydrophobNeo-W surfaces repel water.

It’s fantastic! Just have a look!


Three questions – Three answers

No.1. What is HydrophobNeo?

HydrophobNeo is a modern technological and ecological line of water-repellent agents specially designed for better protection of building materials from moisture penetration. HydrophobNeo is used to apply to surfaces of building constructions made of concrete, aerated concrete, concrete brick, clay brick, natural stone, manufactured stone, paving tile, wood, plywood, wood-chip board, glass, etc. Treated with HydrophobNeo surfaces have water-repellent, frost-resisting properties and are actually protected from the impact of atmospheric precipitation and groundwater.

No.2. Why is HydrophobNeo?

Apart from organopolysiloxane that is the main acting basis, the HydrophobNeo water-repellent compositions contain a number of active additives. These additives operate in three directions. The first type of additives adjusts the structure of colloidal organopolysiloxane solution. As a result the compositions become absolutely stable on storage and are not afraid of freezing. The second type of additives adjusts chemical interaction between the compositions and the surface of treated material. As a result the compositions provide perfect water‑repel­lency treatment of a wide range of construction materials. The third type of additives provides effective water‑repellency treatment of surface defects. And the main advantage – the HydrophobNeo water-repellent compositions don’t contain dangerous for human health & environment chemical compounds.

No.3. How to apply HydrophobNeo?

The HydrophobNeo composition can be sprayed, brushed or rolled. Always perform a test application to a small area of surface for proper penetration on each type of surface before starting full-scale application to determine suitability and final appearance. Before using: read the Data Sheet and the application guide.

And finally, just have a look! What’s the difference – Before and After!

Today we introduce HydrophobNeo water repellent compositions. Water-repellent agent treatment is an integral part of the finishing of modern buildings. Hydrophobic impregnations are used for finishing the facades, as well as for protecting the walls in damp areas. Our company produces water-repellent agent “HydrophobNeo”. “HydrophobNeo” is a modern technological and ecological line of water-repellent impregnations. HydrophobNeo – Expert Protection of Concrete & Masonry, Wood & Glass From Moisture Penetration.
Would you like to learn how HydrophobNeo water repellent agents protect concrete, stone & wood surfaces from moisture penetration? Just have a look!