HydrophobNeo-G Rain Repellent

How To Use

HydrophobNeo-G rain repellent is designed to impart water repellent and frost resisting properties to various types of glass surfaces such as windshields, windows, mirrors, etc. The HydrophobNeo-G is used for windshield treatment as “rain repellent”. When applied to glass surfaces the HydrophobNeo-G composition improves visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow. HydrophobNeo-G water repellent prevents the glass surfaces from being wetted with water and being adhered with dirt.

HydrophobNeo-G really works! Have a look!

We have prepared the following video so as to show you how it is easy to use the HydrophobNeo-G rain repellent. That’s true! Easy-to-use & Cost-effective! We hope that this video will be useful for you.

HydrophobNeo-G Water Repellent

HydrophobNeo-G water repellent agent








HydrophobNeo-W unique composition improves water repellent properties of articles made of wood and wood-based materials (plywood, wood chipboards, oriented strand boards etc). 

You can use HydrophobNeo to protect wood constructions and articles from moisture penetration. As a result wood surfaces do not swell, crack or buckle.

Invisible and careful protection! Just have a look!


We are pleased to introduce

NeoPlusBook – a collection of instructional videos of how to apply HydrophobNeo products. A part of this collection is a group of videos and articles demonstrating the features and benefits of the HydrophobNeo and explaining the mechanism of how do they operate. This project has been just started. And we will try to do our best to add new interesting videos constantly, so that you can use the HydrophobNeo products properly to protect surfaces of various building materials from moisture penetration. Today you can watch a short video clip demonstrating how to apply HydrophobNeo products to surfaces of walkways and driveways made of pavers, paving stones and tiles.