HydrophobNeo-G Rain Repellent

How To Use

HydrophobNeo-G rain repellent is designed to impart water repellent and frost resisting properties to various types of glass surfaces such as windshields, windows, mirrors, etc. The HydrophobNeo-G is used for windshield treatment as “rain repellent”. When applied to glass surfaces the HydrophobNeo-G composition improves visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow. HydrophobNeo-G water repellent prevents the glass surfaces from being wetted with water and being adhered with dirt.

HydrophobNeo-G really works! Have a look!

We have prepared the following video so as to show you how it is easy to use the HydrophobNeo-G rain repellent. That’s true! Easy-to-use & Cost-effective! We hope that this video will be useful for you.

HydrophobNeo-G Water Repellent

HydrophobNeo-G water repellent agent